A security system is only as good as the response offered when an alarm is detected!

Monitoring Plans

Argyle Security can provide Monitoring plans at competitive rates.

Our Emizon plans use the internet as a primary communications path with the mobile network as a backup. This provides a robust and cost effective solution that is also NBN compatible.

EmizonPathsPrimary PathBackup PathPollingPriceOpen / Close*
Class 2 – 24Hr2IP / Internet3G MobileEvery 24 Hrs$160/qtr+$24/qtr
Class 2 – 1Hr2IP / Internet3G MobileEvery 1 Hr$176/qtr+$24/qtr
Class 32IP / Internet3G MobileEvery 2 Mins$200/qtr+$24/qtr

Note* : Open/Close monitoring is where we will set time of day limits at the monitoring centre and if your alarm is not turned on by a certain time they will contact you to remind you to turn it on. This is valuable if you have various staff responsible for arming the system that may sometimes forget. You can also be called if the alarm is turned off too early.

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